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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bukowski: Born Into This (2000)

The title refers to a so-called documentary I watched about the happy-go-lucky, cheery, romantic and not at all cynical author and poet, Charles Bukowski.

I say 'so-called' because it seems most of the people in it were actually played by well known puppets

Exhibit A: Charles Bukowski himself was played by Hoggle from the 1986 classic 'Labyrinth' which was directed, written, edited, choreographed and entirely designed by David Bowie.

Exhibit B: Bukowski's ex-wife is actually Yoda.

Not that we as a species should be occupied with superficial concerns, but being honest, if you were an old lady with a quite heavy beard, you perhaps might try to do something about it before the documentary film crew that have scheduled an interview with you arrive.

I was also interested in the name of this curious old lady, FrancEyE. Why the capital letters, what does she know about names that we do not?! I am not sure!

The above still also captures the lack of concern displayed by the 'documentary' film crew, setting up the shot so that the lights reflect in her glasses and presumably dazzle her (Franc) EyEs.

Just as I was beginning to doubt that the film was a documentary, a number of disembodied celebrity heads appeared to pass comment on said writer, including Harry Dean Stanton, Sean Penn, Tom Waits and the ubiquitous BONO. Is he really saving the world? How does he have time with all the documentary films he appears in. Besides which, what do these people have to say about artists that ordinary fans do not? I presume they are endowed with some kind of artistic knowledge that regular folk lack.

Further proof that the film was actually a documentary came with the appearance of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos, star of films by famous documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield.

They tried to tell me that Aileen was actually Bukowski's daughter, but I saw through this, although the film had tried to move from the territory of a Return of the Jedi muppetfest into a grittier, documentary style a la Man Bites Dog, they failed by interviewing Aileen in the Richard and Judy studio.

And so it was, a film that is part puppetry, part celebrity interview show and part gritty documentary. A fitting tribute to a great artist? Well, better that than some boring 3 hour biopic I suppose.

Current Favourite Quote: "That's one of the biggest bears I've ever seen" from BBCs Big Bear Week.


Hello and welcome to my new blog.

It has been said that I like the FILLUMS. To provide evidence, here is a quote from my official biography:

"Shunning the world with his focused and fiery passionate vision to scour the planet for the greatest works of art, his interest became increasingly singular. Ever since discovering the moving image after enetering human society, following being raised by the stray cats of Rome, the picture show offered the distant comfort in solitude required by a person with feline characteristics.
Since then, if he isn't watching films with David Bowie in the converted garage then he is certainly think about films, making lists of films to see or making films with moveable Star Wars figures"

So yes, I will use here to talk in detail about specific films - because I already keep a blog of all the films I have been watching HERE - but I would like to think this will provide a, hopefully comedic insight into some of these films - and also popular culture in general.